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Menelikcc Ngene

Menelik CC Ngene is a botanist,humanist,multi published book author, publisher,an inspirational legend, Bible revelator, a retired humanitarian human rights champion, and a cross cultural christian missionary pastor, which had helped pastor majority white Pentecostal Churches, Baptist Churches,Evangelical Lutheran Churches,Anglican Church,totally black Africa Instituted Churches across denominations, race and cultures.

He founded a new field of Study called the Biblical principles in project management,and used it to train the deans,deputy deans,circuit leaders and top leadership of the Central Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Africa and train the Church of Englad ordinands of the Desmond Tutu School.of Ministry in South Africa.

Menelikcc built the greatest Africa and Diaspora Ministerial Action network to against HIV/AIDS to assist South African residents infected and affected by #blackapartheidANC money making HIV/AIDS program.

Ideas the World Health Organization and Nigeria hacked and copied from his newEarthfamilymenelikccngene Facebook posts was used to contain the spread of ebola in West Africa. 

His anti Corona virus online activism helped exposed the criminal aspect of Corona virus money laundering fake pandemic forced the countries of the world to multiply coronavirus infection testing, provide relief for victims of fake quarantine lockdowns, spread the scientific knowledge that face masks and hand washings  do not stop VIRUSES, forced the world to go on a race to produce Corona virus vaccines, reviewed the scientific research findings of CHINA’s top virologist and director of their WUHAN institute of virology which formed part of the WHO report on the origins of Corona virus after their fact finding trip to China, and found it to be fraudulent and scientifically stupid and misleading,  informed the world about the dangers of hurried prepared and administered RNA  based covid19 vaccinations and fought against the total global leadership failure whose negligence led to multiplied Corona virus infections , wrongly referred to as the second wave of infections

Menelik cc Ngene is the only world leading global influence who is still being persecuted for refusing to be corrupt, for having zero crime convictions in every country and continent on earth since birth and for being the most helpful human ever lived