Unified Field Theory in a Nutshell1: The Quest for the Theory of Everything

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Balungi Francis

Balungi Francis was born in Kampala, Uganda, to a single poor mother, grew up in Kawempe, and later joined Makerere Universty in 2006, graduating with a Bachelor Science degree in Land Surveying in 2010. For four years he taught in Kampala City high schools, majoring in the fields of Gravitation and Quantum Physics. His first book, "Mathematical Foundation of the Quantum theory of Gravity," won the Young Kampala Innovative Prize and was mentioned in the African Next Einstein Book Prize (ANE). In 2015, his book "Expecting: Why whatever you think you know about pregnancy is wrong-and what you really need to know'" was used to change and save lives of pregnant expecting mothers in his community. He now lives in East Africa, Wakiso, Uganda with his wife and two children. Francis loves educating and inspiring other authors and entrepreneurs to succeed and live the life of their dreams.