About the author

Sienna Saint-Cyr

Sienna Saint-Cyr’s erotic and romantic fiction have appeared in the Love Slave and Sexual Expression series and anthologies like Silence is Golden, Goodbye Moderation: Lust, Best Women’s Erotica of the Year Volume 4, Melt, Haunt, Summer Fair, and nonfiction in Kintsugi – Powerful Stories of Healing Trauma (coming this winter). She also writes nonfiction and flash fiction for several websites. Sienna edits for SinCyr Publishing, an erotica company with a focus on shifting rape culture one sexy story at a time.

Along with writing, Sienna speaks at conventions, workshops, and for private gatherings on such sex-positive topics as a healthy body image, using sexuality to promote healing, enthusiastic consent, LGBTQIA, CPTSD, and navigating diverse or non-traditional relationships.