Murder Mystery: Episode 3 Murder at the Concert Hall | Episode 4 Murder at The Salubrious Hotel

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Jay Kaplan

I can best outline my life in the context of the recent books that I have published. A book on global warming emphasizes the danger of pollution based on my early training in science, and particularly weather. My second book deals with terrorism and my involvement with the military- Korea, and after 9/11 my tour with the Coast Guard Aux. Murders at the Xanadu which takes place in a cooperative building encompasses my fifty year experience living in a cooperative and my six years as a member of a Board of Directors and its President. Other events in my life: 1. After discharge from military service - 1951, I taught Science and English in H.S. 2. From 1959 - 1987 I was an assistant Principal and Principal until my retirement. 3. During those years, I was also an instructor in English and Rhetoric at a local college I write because I believe I have a message in each of my books. I hope that I can continue to publish in order that I can deliver my messages. Thank you.