In Search of Self: Poems and Tales of Love, Loss, and Self Worth

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About the author

Catherine Giguere

Catherine A. Giguere grew up in San Jose, California with two older brothers, a swarm of family members, and a wild and yet over-active imagination. She went to college in 2003 to study history and literature, and that is where she fell in love with Norse, Gaelic, and Greek mythology (as well as the history of their countries of origin). She often created her own worlds within her own reality, and lived vicariously through the characters in either the books she read or the stories she created.

She fell in love with poetry around 1997, when she was only 13 years old and began reading and learning about word formations and how words could describe anything down to the most finite detail. After learning about English Literature and History in college, she studied the prose of old languages and older world writers.