Dues of Mortality

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Jason Austin

 Superheroes, aliens and mutants, Oh my!!! These are the things that have fascinated me since I was knee-high to a light-saber. Stan Lee is my idol. If I never meet him in this life, I plan to stalk him in the next. I long for the day that we can all live in a universe of tricorders and hot-looking green babes. It thrills me to be able to write stories that impel the real world to reflect that fantasy. My debut novel, Dues of Mortality, is set in Cleveland where I was born(1970)and raised. I've written a few short stories as well and my favorite is In Plane Sight, published in the July 2011 issue of Down in the Dirt Magazine. I am an INCURABLE romantic and love comedy. Therefore, you may find both these endearing elements in my work. I am also an actor and have worked in several local film projects here in Cleveland.