Text Dependent Questions for Pride and Prejudice

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About the author

Karri Salas

Karri Salas has been a teacher in a classroom for 12 years, but she has
been teaching for as long as she can remember! Though she never wanted to
be a teacher when she entered college, her desire to help others and inspire
students to achieve what they thought was impossible ultimately led her into the
education profession. After graduating with a B.S. Degree in chemistry and
Masters Degree in teaching, Karri has worked tirelessly with students in public,
charter, and private schools.
Now as an educational consultant and curriculum director, Karri hopes to help
parents, students, and professionals to learn in their own time and in the way that
benefits them. She has always had a progressive nature about education and
believes the traditional education system can stifle creativity and the ability to
learn how to learn.
"In real life, learning is like a Cold Stone Ice Cream Love It Bowl™. Some people
need chocolate ice cream with gummy bears as their flavor of learning. That
isn't how I dish up my learning, but it works for some! Unfortunately, our
education system only comes in one flavor: Vanilla."