The Yakuza Path: Flowers of Flesh and Blood

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Amy Tasukada

As an only child, Best Selling Author Amy Tasukada began putting her daydreams to paper at the young age of ten. She was inspired by Japanese literature, works from French classic authors like Marcel Proust, as well as tons and tons of Yaoi/Boys’ Love manga. However, there were only so many books that piqued her interest. Fueled by an obvious lack of books she wanted to read, Amy decided to write them herself.
Readers who crave intense sagas with complex characters will devour Amy Tasukada's thrilling tales of crime, love, and gore.

While crafting her novels, Amy researches each setting extensively to paint the most colorful picture for her readers. She creates each story’s setting in a way that has been described as “crisp and lyrical” by fans.

​​​​​​​When she’s not penning a new installment of her mafia series or attending a writing workshop, the North Texas author can be found drinking tea, reading, or filming J-Fashion hauls on her Youtube channel.

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