Bitcoin Cash Versus Bitcoin: the Battle of the Cryptocurrencies

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About the author

Johan von Amsterdam

My dad’s interest in technology and economy inspired me greatly as a child. When I was 12, he brought home our first home computer. This first introduction ignited my passion for technology and programming. Lead by my dad’s desire to teach me the importance of money and how to make smart decisions with it, already at a young age I was destined to get involved with cryptocurrencies.

I just needed them to be invented first.

As a software engineer, my background is in Information Science. I have worked as a database developer since 1996. Currently I am employed as a database programmer and team lead in an industry where the revolution of cryptocurrencies first started. 

I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge and always have been, which is why I have taken to writing books about cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoins and Blockchains. My goal is to teach others about this exciting and fascinating opportunity and to keep readers updated on important events as they unfold.

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