The Dating Process: Casey

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About the author

Claire Cramphorn

Claire is that awkwardly tall girl you wouldn't want standing in front of you at a concert.

She daydreams too too often, has an unhealthy fascination with cupcakes, a strict aversion to social media, and has had a life long struggle with achieving volumised hair and symmetrical eyebrows.

She has once been almost every single teenage cliché that ever existed.

She dated the worst kinds of boys, made a lot of wrong calls, fell in love in less than ten seconds flat, saw entire relationships flash right before her eyes, spent a lot of time feeling lost, even more time feeling lonely, got caught in some very dangerous cycles of never quite feeling good enough, has legitimately forgotten more fashion disasters than most people will ever make, and somehow…


got to a point where she could look back and be glad that it all happened.

Because it got her here. 


For you.

To make you smile. To make you laugh. To make you feel like you've got a friend. To hopefully help you fast forward through the lessons it took her far too many years to learn.

There will be romance. There will be feminism. There will be dreams, and intellect, and chaos, and maybe - just maybe - some neat little metaphors that make you think.

Maybe even some stuff that makes you feel.

Definitely some stuff that makes you realise you're not alone.

That's really what it's all about.

(Sidenote: Claire lives to write, but - after writing this - realises she hates writing in third person.)