My Sisters’ Keeper {Unlocked}

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About the author

Ra’Sheeka Keonique

Ra'Sheeka Keonique is a writer, artist & businesswoman. The mom of three is from Harvey LA, where her love of music & storytelling developed while she was still writing with fat pencils. When it comes to her art, there’s no separation between writing, music and storytelling. In her world, the art forms simply can’t exist without the other. Whether engulfed in RL Stine's Goosbumps, nodding as The Fresh Prince told her of a nightmare on his street, listening intently to MC Lyte tell the story of Poor Georgie, or diving into the latest by Eric Jerome Dickey, RK could feel the pull of storytelling tugging on her gut.

Years later, while watching an episode of Ms. Rhimes's Scandal, RK inspiredly decided to answer the call. Despite housing a chest full of trepidation, in 2017 she made the decision to stop talking herself out of pursuing her passion, then sat down to pen her first novel, Entangled. Journeying down the darkness of an unfamiliar path, RK forged on. In 2019, she published Entangled, followed by My Sisters’ Keeper in 2020. After setting out on her quest, RK learned that the path she’d been on had actually been created just for her, by The Creator; the only light she needed to light her path had been within her all long. Audacious and wiser, RK is no longer afraid to shine her light. She unapologetically blazes her path, relentlessly creates with love and dope vibez. Whether penning a novel, children’s book, song, movie, or freelancing for a magazine, you can count on RK to execute like only she can.

Since their original publications, Entangled & My Sisters’ Keeper have been transformed. RK is beaming with pride to announce the release of the 2nd editions, Entangled Reloaded & My Sisters’ Keeper {Unlocked}. These remarkable stories are the first of a plethora to introduce RK's entertainment company, DOPE VIBEZ ENTERTAINMENT. And trust, you're NOT going to want to miss what she cultivates next. Whoever you are, wherever you are, RK invites you to be her guest; immerse yourself into her universe. Get carried away in love, adventure, suspense, humor, and music… You may never want to leave.