Where The Weird Things Are

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About the author

Austin P. Sheehan

Austin P. Sheehan is a writer of speculative fiction, a lover of language, literature and '90s TV. Armed with a psychology degree, he went out into the world to further study humanity, and now prefers the company of his wife and greyhounds.

Austin grew up in Victoria's high country, and despite living in Melbourne for ten years, still feels at home amongst the mountains. In fact, you'll often find mountains in his stories, whether they are science fiction, fantasy, alternative history or horror. If you want to discover what secrets are hidden in the mountains, go to www.austinpsheehan.com or find him on twitter @AustinPSheehan.

Austin's novella ‘Submerged City’ - part of Aussie Speculative Fiction’s ‘Drowned Earth’ series - was published in 2019. His short stories have been published in 'Beginnings' (Deadset Press) and 'A Bond of Words' (Scout Media), and his microfiction appears in 'Curses & Cauldrons' (Blood Song Books) and the 'Worlds' 'Monsters' and 'Apocalypse' anthologies by Black hare Press.