The Kilburn-Park Prince

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Dylan Alfredo Giovanni Butcher was born in Camden, London. He is British/Italian. He has enjoyed playing with words since he was young, ever since discovering poetry and Roald Dahl stories. He would read, write and enjoy art all the time growing up and went to galleries, theatres and museums with his family often. His writing provided him with an emotional outlet as he was bullied throughout high school. Dylan is now married, with three children. He suffers with Fibromyalgia and conditions of the spine, which cause him chronic pain and affect his mobility. He spends his time writing in his home in the Midlands, raising his family, and studying with The Open University towards his degree in English Literature and Creative Writing. Dylan was talent scouted by two different websites, to write reviews for comics and movies. He began interviewing comic-creators, of his own accord, including Marvel comic writer, Christos Gage, and Batman and Judge Dredd writer, Alan Grant, among others. He did all this voluntarily to refine his writing skills for two years. Dylan is always trying to improve his writing and hopes his passion is evident in his work. He has written numerous short stories, poems, and has just finished writing his debut novel, Eyes of Sleeping Children, which will be published soon as an E-book. He won first place, with publication, in a poetry competition for Writing Magazine in 2019. In 2020 he had a short-story selected for a digital anthology, and another shortlisted in two consecutive issues of Writer’s Forum Magazine.