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About the author

KeriAnne N. Jelinek

KeriAnne N. Jelinek is a national best-selling author, as well as a, national performing opera singer, pianist, choral director and music educator of over twenty-five years. She is a highly sought-after vocal instructor and vocal director.

She worked as professional educator in public schools, private and charter schools throughout Southern and Northern California, Texas, Seattle, Washington, Tampa, Florida, Central Florida and Central Pennsylvania.

She has worked in digital media, website design and social media for many years. She has dreamed of writing and illustrating her own children's books for several years. In January 2022, she released her first book, Hungry for Pancakes. She recently published twelve children's books, and several journals on Amazon and on Barnes and Nobles. She has recently published The Adventures of Mr. Peanuts a children's book about the families' beloved cat, Mr. Peanuts. She has written and illustrated "The Lost Valentine: The Adventures of Mr. Peanuts" and a book for Autistic girls entitled "We Are...Super-heroes! For Girls on the Autism Spectrum".

Her series, My Country Collection, has recently been awarded #1 New Release and #1 Bestseller in Children's Explore Europe Books for all three books in the series. Ukraine, Ireland and Hungary have all made the Best Sellers list upon launch. She has many new books inlcuding: Magical Cat Fairies, Animals of South America, and Animals of Ukraine. Books coming soon include: Shrooks, Bear the Very Special Squirrel, and Ukrainian for Babies.  

She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, her daughter and their beloved gray cat, Mr. Peanuts. She enjoys writing, reading, playing the piano, directing music, teaching music, performing opera, loves travelling, and enjoys being out in nature.