The Tacomancer and the Cursed Blood Knife

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About the author

Christina Dickinson

When she was younger, Christina lived in Michigan, where she earned a black belt and took archery classes. She loved running through the forest, climbing through sand dunes, and swimming in Lake Michigan. She started writing in the fourth grade, with a story about her big, orange tabby cat wanting to be a rock star.

Now that she's older, Christina lives in Texas with her husband and their three cats: Scythe, Amulet, and Mad Cat.

She's worked all kinds of jobs--from retail to waiting tables to warehouse to massage therapy to management. She has earned her Associate Degree with focuses on Creative Writing and History. Through all of it, her dream was to see her work in print on someone's shelf.

Christina's hobbies include playing board games, role-play games, video games... basically games... reading, and traveling. She's always up for a ren faire, exploring an ancient ruin, or taking a cruise.