Through My Eyes

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About the author

Joanna Blackburn

 (Joanna Blackburn) JoJo Blackburn is a free spirit, living the dream of a Freelance Journalist & a Fantasy writer.  As a creature of passion, she tends to lean towards the extreme in everything she does.
JoJo is reflective, passionate to the point of stubbornness, has an unusual creative mind, always thinking outside the box, and sees things from more than one point of view.  
She believes that sharing stories of fairies, elves, and far away places is an important part of the healing process.  She also believes that faeries, pixies and far away lands covered in magical plants really do exist, somewhere.
JoJo tends to look at the world differently than most, every experience can and usually does end up in one of her many stories.
Most days you can find her down at the Marina taking pictures and writing.  She believes she is living every writer's dream of peace and beauty in one spot while interacting with her readers.