Sweet, Sweet Savannah

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HL Nighbor

Who is HL Nighbor? Let’s see. 

Most people would tell you that I’m a pain in the ass and that’s definitely true. But, hey, we can’t all be perfect angels, right? 

I live in a small town in Western Washington with my husband and two sons. The testosterone in my house is smothering, but I’ve learned to adapt. We live in the sticks. While we do live in a neighborhood, I see trees from every window in my house and it takes twenty minutes to get to major shopping. You’ll never find me complaining, though. I love the peacefulness and beauty of my surroundings.

I am an Aquarius through and through. It’s said that we’re independent, free-spirited, and eccentric. I agree with every one of those descriptions and so would my best friend and husband.

Eccentric by far is the best word to describe me. I have a serious addiction to hoodies, chucks, and graphic tees. Put those together with a pair of obnoxiously bright leggings and you have my definition of high fashion. However, I’m also obsessed with brightly colored hair and high-end makeup. I have vanity and professional makeup mirror in my office. I can throw together a smoky eye and cover an imperfection like any professional. Now add in all my brightly colored tattoos and you have a look that is uniquely me.

So, you may ask how an accountant who works as a substitute at our local elementary school ends up throwing herself into the wonderful world of writing? It’s a really simple answer. 

It was a bucket list item. One of those dreams of mine that I actually accomplished. You see, I have had many dreams and aspirations over the years. My dreams change as frequently as most people change their underwear (you can thank the free-spirit in me). 

I consider myself a professional reader and read an obscene number of books each year. I got sick of trying to find the books I was looking for and decided that I am just going to write what I want to read. Problem solved. I wrote book one and loved it. Now you are all stuck with me.