Operation Goat Snatch (Act I)

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Issac Stolzenbach

Issac Stolzenbach has been talking smack about being a writer since he was four years' old. He lacked the confidence to publish a book, however, until he got knighted by Sena Jeter Naslund through Spalding University’s Master of Fine Arts program in Louisville, Kentucky (his hometown). Issac lives in DeBary, Florida with his wife, Jennifer, daughter, Trinity, and two cats, Boomer (Maine Coon) and Rusty (Polydactyl) #allwomen

Issac “DJ Ciggy” Stolzenbach is a recipient of the Mary Jane McKinnon Leadership Award of Excellence and has been certified to twist screws and turn wrenches on everything between 25-jeweled mechanical watch movements to gigantic two-stroke diesel engines. While serving elite units in the United States Army, a career-ending injury forced the gearhead to reconfigure and run with the academics. Seeking an equally fulfilling career, the author gobbled up degrees in psychology (behavioral science), humanities (leadership philosophy), and cultural anthropology (generational studies). DJ Ciggy rarely knows what day of the week it is – or #wahtsgoingon – but now hopes to teach writerly folks how to come face-to-face w\ their full potential on the written page 👍🐙🍷