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Charles Armstrong

The Author, now retired to Melbourne Australia, has mostly lived his life in Africa south of the equator. His lifes path has engaged him in many varied activities there. These include; musician, singer and songwriter, outdoors adventure, military active service, commerce and industry. As such, he has been privileged to experience at first hand, several unusual facets of life, along with several world cultures and people. From an early age he has always been an avid reader over a wide specturum of literature and poetry. Having retired from the 'rat-race' in 2012, he now indulges himself in a little fly fishing but mainly in his twin passions of writing and music. With several published novels already on the shelves, he also has a half dozen in the works on a variety of intersting subjects. Musically, he now sings with a Melbourne based Jazz Big Band and composes and records his own songs for social media platforms.