Rainy Days and Flowers

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Wendy Miller

Wendy Miller is the author of romance and romantic suspense novels. She began writing as a child, and with the encouragement of her grandmother, as well as other family and friends, she eventually independently published her first novel, Tangled Deceit. She is often working on more than one project at a time, because her brain refuses to focus on only one. Wendy is also a single mother of two sons, both of whom have ADHD. She homeschools both of them, as it allows them to be educated without being medicated. When she isn't teaching her sons, researching or writing on her latest project(s), she enjoys reading, watching television and movies, listening to a huge variety of music, swimming, camping, and even fishing now and then (though she does not bait her own hook or remove her catch from the hook. Why do you think she had sons?). You can learn more about Wendy on her website, http://www.wendy-miller.com. She also loves to hear from her readers, and you can email her through her website or at wendy@wendy-miller.com.