Using Video Games in the Classroom. Challenges and Solutions

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About the author

Elena Shliakhovchuk

Dr Shliakhovchuk defines herself as an edtech enthusiast, pracademic by education, interculturalist by passion and author by results.

For the past ten years, she has been teaching and consulting offline in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Spain and France and virtually worldwide.

She got her Master degree in Ukraine, TEFL certification in the UK, Interculturalist's certification in Italy and PhD in Spain. She visited 35+ countries trying to understand other cultures' mindset and perspectives.

Currently, Dr Shliakhovchuk is a visiting professor at several universities, a speaker at international conferences, a peer-reviewer in several prestigious journals and an editor of books on the topic of edtech and game-based learning and teaching. Contributed as an author to interactive tools diversophy®, CulturalDetective®, CultureConnector.

She is on a mission to help teachers and students to find outside-the-box approaches to education that would help to fulfil their potential in a rapidly changing world. Her obsession with creating new ways of teaching that is absurdly useful and effective led her to publishing several books on how to teach using video games.

Ms Shliakhovchuk is a great sea lover, she has recently obtained a coastal skipper certificate of competence, and when she is not teaching or writing, she can be found sailing.