THE MONSTER INSIDE ME: The Immortal Chronicles: Book One

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Tristin Clark

Tristin Clark is an American Dark Erotic Romance author, who writes about dark, steamy stories of soulmates and the beautifully broken and tragic tales of their lives.

​​​​​​​Tristin began writing at a young age. She enjoyed creating imaginative stories and acting them out with her siblings and friends as a child. Her mind was always, far off, in the world that she created. "Reality is boring," she would say. She found solace in inventing her own reality. She eventually turned her creative ideas into short stories, until her senior year in high school, where she began turning those creations, into novels, thus sparking the series, The Immortal Chronicles.

​​​​​​​Her current work consists of The Immortal Chronicles: a series, that follows the paranormal lives and romances of many different lovers, all fighting to find and claim their mates, before the end of time. THE MONSTER INSIDE ME, The Immortal Chronicles: Book One, A Dark Erotic Paranormal Novel is available to own.

​​​​​​​Other works include: OUR COMPANY and OUR COMPANY and The Secrets Within. This series that follows the dark lives and romance of two broken individuals, that come together and fight to survive the ghosts and secrets of their past, in order to be together forever. OUR COMPANY is available to own.

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