Forged From Fate: Rise

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Randi Liz Drake

R.L. Drake: Who am I? I'm a nerd and a geek. I play old school video games. I read...a lot. I love writing and learning about the new subjects I research for my books. I live in a fantasy world whenever possible. The rest of the time I'm helping other authors, or I'm outside. I live in Maine and while most of the year it is freezing cold, I'm still outside. I fish, snowmobile, four-wheel, have bonfires, camp, garden, and spend time with my two dogs and fiance. I grow all the food I can for myself. I have over a dozen egg layer chickens, and I love to cook. 
On top of it all, I own my own business and work full time. I lead a busy life, but I love every minute of it. 

Author Website:
Twitter: @Randipander
Instagram: @RandipanderFFF

Randi Liz Drake also has a First Time Fantasy & Paranormal Authors page on Facebook and encourages any new or aspiring authors in this genre to join.