Margot Dances in Dreams: Detritus of the Apocalypse

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Blade Cort

Blade uses science fiction as a convenient cover to advance the need for a common human ethical construct that might give us a better chance of extending our time here on Earth. Readers hoping only for imaginative escape will be disappointed and miss the underlying messages in the prose.

In Blade's books, these messages are specifically intended as a wake-up call. After all, science fiction is not simply about entertainment, right? It should occasionally include elements about the human condition, how we advance as a species, and how our technological prowess and social progress must stay aligned and balanced.

We humans fail to recognize that we are just another species, and a volatile one at that. We will continue to flail and stumble between two points in time, our beginning and end, and our common goal should be to extend that time horizon.

Blade is amazed by human behavior in what may be its waning decades, has done martial arts for years, and writes because he needs a relief valve. Please visit Blade at