The Trouble with Fairies

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Liz Roadifer

Though The Trouble with Fairies is the first book in the Peace & Prosperity series, it was written after I wrote The Trouble with Pirates.

Fiction writers sometime have a troublesome rapport with their characters. That’s what happened with me and Rick, my pirate mayor in Pirates. Every time I began work on Fairies, Rick would barge into my thoughts and start showing me a scene from his story. It became so frustrating that eventually I threw up my hands in surrender and said, “Fine. I’ll write your story first.” And I did. Even though everything that happens in Pirates had to happen after Joy and Harry met in Fairies, I wrote Pirates first. Thankfully, after I had the draft of Pirates written, Rick stopped bugging me and I was able to then write all of Fairies without his interference.

Fortunately, wizards have a ton of patience. Not once did Wizard Zach pop into my mind until I began writing The Trouble with Wizards.

Hopefully, as I begin writing the last in the Peace & Prosperity series, The Trouble with Brothers, everything will flow smoothly.

Author Bio

Liz Roadifer is the award-winning author of The Oracle suspense series, the Peace & Prosperity fantasy romance series, and the YA science fiction series Wind Riders of R.A.H.M. As with most of her stories, she enjoys putting her characters in unusual danger, adding twists and turns to the plot, and then figuring out how to save them in the nick of time. Inserting humor, odd characters, and interesting locales adds to her joy of writing.

A native of New Jersey, she attended Wyoming University and fell in love with the wide-open sky, the friendly laidback people, and a certain cowboy from a ranch near Sundance. She now lives in a small town outside of Cheyenne with her husband and enjoys spending time with her sons, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren.

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