Surprising The Babysitter

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About the author

Felix Stanton

Ok, so my name’s Felix. Not a very common name, and if you’re thinking about laughing, bear in mind, I work for a private security firm, and I’m a dead shot with almost all small arms. Plus I can kill a person with a spork. Ok?

Now, I’m also a pretty twisted mofo. All kinds of weird shit goes on up in my dome. My girlfriend is just as kinky as I am, so we decided to put some of this stuff down for you guys to read. She wants to stay behind the scenes though, so it’s just me frontin’ these wicked stories.

What do I write about? Whatever the fuck I feel like. Daddy’s and daughters, family gangbangs, dogs screwing the babysitter, who knows. Whatever gets the missus nice and gooey today.

I like my stories hot and to the point, like to get into the action quick. But my woman likes the good details. Our imagination is pretty good, so your’s doesn’t have to be.