The Game of Poker - A Brief History

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G.R. Williamson

G.R. Williamson is the author of many books and articles on the Old West. In addition, he has written a number of Western screenplays. He is a member of The Western Writers of America and lives with his wife and trusty Chihuahua, "Shooter" just outside Kerrville, Texas.

 Storytelling comes naturally to Williamson; as a child, he grew up hearing his granddad and his bluegrass-playing buddies spin yarns under shade trees between sets. He would sit and wonder at their ability to peel pecans with their knives and then eat the pecans, all the while chewing tobacco. It was a true wonder to behold.

 As a child, Williamson lived in a section of Texas, along the Rio Grande, called the "Nueces Strip". Post Civil War renegades, thieves, smugglers, stock thieves, and other assorted outlaws congregated in this lawless section of Texas that even the famed Texas Rangers feared entering. Intrigued by so much local folklore, he later used this interest to do the historical research and write a series of non-fiction books on the American West.

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