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Antonia Cyn

As a former travel agent, author Antonia Cyn enjoys taking readers on a journey in multiple genres.          For history lovers, “Sisters of the Stone Circle” series draws readers imagination back to the time of Vikings, and mystical practices in Ireland.    
      Present day, the “Dream Walker” series invites reader to believe in possibility of dreams coming true and the nightmares are very real.   
      When not traveling by air, sea or her own imagination, Antonia lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, two sons and three dogs which have their own hierarchy and nicknames. “Princess” is a sweet, hate to get her paws wet, one-eyed chocolate lab. “Sir Licks-a-Lot is a lovable dog-bed chewing terrier; and “Jarl Fluffy-Pants” is our constant shed all over the carpet Icelandic sheepdog.     
     Antonia believes living in the Pacific Northwest has its benefits. Yes, it rains here. While it may be dreary outside, Antonia enjoys a mug of freshly brewed coffee as she writes and edits.  Some nights she enjoys a glass of wine from one of the local wineries, swirling the colorful liquid in her goblet as she conjures more story ideas.
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