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Norma Hickox

I am a professional musician. I play and teach six instruments and compose music. I have been an organist and choir director for many different spiritual denominations and have also taught vocal music in private elementary and pre-schools. In the past I played in the pit orchestra for a musical theater group and also in a dance band, eventually having my own dance band.

I have played for movie and TV personalities and the governor of Colorado and finally, the ultimate, I played for the President of the United States.  This was President Ford and the occasion was a Christmas Eve church service in Vail, Colorado.

I live in Simi Valley, California with my son Neil and his family; wife Claudia, daughter Fiorella and son Leland. Neil is a computer scientist and an amateur photographer. He designed the covers and his photos are used in the books. He also gave much help with his computer know-how.

Along with music, my career has also included involvement with the arts of painting, writing, dance and theater that led to my writing two musical plays with original music. They both won awards in the 2016 HIFF scripts competition.

When I began composing, the music and lyrics would flow into my head in complete form. A year later I began to receive information from a spiritual source that flowed in the same way as the music. This material is the Chrysalis Teachings and is based on the Science of Music, which is the fundamental vibrational order and creative nature of the universe.

I’ve been blessed with the privilege or gift of “knowing” many spiritual truths. It seems that some part of my makeup has the ability to “know” and “see” into different time periods of the past. I call this higher aspect of my soul the “TimeTraveler.” Actually, being a musician, it was the vibrations of music that I’ve been exposed to since the age of four that enables me to have this insight.

The TimeTraveler is the transformer of the vibrations and the interpreter of higher plane information on which I rely to understand the thought pictures I access. The TimeTraveler rides on his magic carpet of time powered by the vibration of the colors of the rainbow which match the vibrations of the musical scale of C. The TimeTraveler himself vibrates at the tone of “middle C.” He has the ability to travel instantly to any time period of the universe.