Killing a Kiwi in Thailand

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About the author

Malcolm Scott

Malcolm Scott has published three books about Bali Indonesia and one novel based around a kidnap in Cambodia and the fall of the Khmer Rouge. He has also written a number of screenplays across many genre’s from comedy to political drama to thriller.

Malcolm is an author, screenwriter and blogger who has lived in South East Asia for the past fifteen years. He is currently living in Bali Indonesia while he completes his fifth book based around the murder of his friend in Thailand  in 2011.

Since Malcolm began writing about about his experiences in Bali and then the tragedy in Thailand. He has preferred to keep his identity concealed and he has chosen to write his screenplays and his novels under noms de plume.

Malcolm would prefer to use his real name but he also believes the people who read his books will understand the measures he is forced to undertake to keep friends and family safe by using a pseudonym.

Malcolm has lived in Bali for ten years and Thailand for six and he has traveled Southeast Asia extensively. He also believes he is the luckiest person in the world to be able to earn a living doing what he was born to do in the places that he loves.

Links to Malcolm’s books and to his screenplays can be found on his website listed below and we hope you enjoy discovering this innovative,  diverse and exciting writer.