The Secret Diary of Misty Brown

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About the author

Denise Litchmore

Denise Litchmore is the author of the novel ‘The Secret Diary of Misty Brown’, which is both semi-autobiographical work of fiction.

She is a Social Worker by profession  and hopes to retire soon so that she can enjoy herself whilst she's still reasonably spritely!

She has two adult children and has a huge extended family, of whom she is immensely proud.

She was born in Brixton and has lived most of her life in South-East London, but now lives in Kent and hopes to return to London one day.

Dogs have an unfortunate habit of trying to eat her and her cat left her, as he selfishly created a family of his own, so she vows never to replace him.

In her spare time, she reads, decorates her home, creates beautiful cakes, sews, creates jewellery - which she sells at craft markets, watches lots of American sitcoms, is a huge fan of the  “Loose woman” TV show – and is keen to appear on the show and sit next to Judy and Charlene, because she thinks they would enjoy her….

She does her best writing whilst sat on the sofa, crunching monkey nuts and watching house beautiful make over TV.

Denise has loved writing since she was a child and loves to transport her readers to the recesses of her mind, where she has conversations with shoes and imagines a world where every inanimate object has a voice...