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Meosha Bean

Meosha Bean: A Fearless Force in the World of Horror and Beyond As an actress and filmmaker, she catapulted to fame with her memorable roles in the spine-tingling films "Hard Requitals," "Miss Pepper," and "Delusions" With her appearance in the groundbreaking documentary "Horror Noire." industry icons like Jordan Peele, Tony Todd, and Rachel True as they explore the rich legacy of Black horror, with Meosha Bean as a prominent voice amongst them.She is a true trailblazer, igniting her creative spark by founding M.V. B Films Productions. 2003 She boasts an impressive repertoire of over 100 projects, from engaging short films and mesmerizing music videos to thought-provoking documentaries and compelling feature films. Follow Creator to Creators With Meosha Bean Podcast," where she effortlessly brings together Hollywood A-listers and emerging artists. Through intimate and insightful conversations, Streaming on all podcast platforms.