A Flaw From Within: How Women's Higher Status Defies Equal Justice, Violates Men, and Destroys Society

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Alan Millard

Alan Millard was born and raised in Washington state. He lived on a farm with his family and became involved in the family-owned feed and cattle business created by his father. He later went on his own path, gaining knowledge, experience, and education. He continued to learn, travel, and work for several government agencies. His first appointment was with the National Park Service as a back-country ranger in Colorado. Shortly thereafter, he worked as a Washington state park ranger, stationed along the Columbia River near Astoria, Oregon. After this, he worked for the Bureau of Land Management in Nevada as a supervisor over campgrounds and wilderness study areas in the Elko District. He then finished his BA degree at WWU and accepted a position as a state park ranger in Utah, where, upon graduating from the police academy, he served over 12 years, advancing to assistant park manager, naturalist, and visitor center manager. During this stint he acquired an MA degree and published his first book--credentials that eventually allowed him to acquire a professor position at Weber State University. He has also completed doctoral coursework at Capella University.
Millard has a ATA and BA in Natural Resources, an MA in Organizational Management, and doctoral coursework in Psychology, with additional graduate studies completed in Anthropology, English, History, and Education. He was employed for over a decade at Weber State University where he taught as a professor and worked at the university testing center. He continues to be involved educating, consultating/guidancing, writing, giving talks, and conducting book signings.
Mr. Millard never accepted the politically-forced idea that women had a status of inequality to men. Instead, he contends, due to an established pedestal standing for women, men were, and continue to be, the recipients of an unequal status to women, with the practice of chivalry bearing as testimony. Millard, along with others, has proved that point throughout his efforts, conveying the knowledge (e.g. sex discriminatory laws, rulings, social customs, etc.) through his lectures, writing, signings, articles, papers, books, and research combined with his men's rights associations, group meetings, research, and coursework involvement.
The writing of his first book, Equality: A Man's Claim: The Equality Issue from the Male Perspective and an Ethical Society's Viewpoint--a very comprehensive reference for many all over the world--first began in 1983 and resulted in the book being published in 1995. Prior to this he had several articles published on the subject of men's equality. Due to his insight Millard has also been sought for his input by other men's rights authors as Dr. Ferrell in 1988 prior to completing his book The Myth of Male Power. Millard has received many commendations for his work, including book reviews from national men's organizations (e.g. National Coalition of Free men, A Voice for Men).
Alan Millard's second book, Great Salt Lake Regional Book of Facts and Exploration, is a composite of his knowledge gained from his occupation as a park ranger/naturalist in the Great Salt Lake area and from his own personal interests and experiences pertaining to the natural environment to include culture, geology, ecology, and history. This book was inspired by area teachers requesting that Mr. Millard put his knowledge conveyed in his educational presentations into book form. He is also one of the co-authors of Great Salt Lake: An Overview of Change by Wally Gwynn.
Millard's most recent published book, Land, People, Politics, and Ignorance, explains how the land and the people are being exploited by the government and big business, with our rights being taken in the process. He conveys how this all ties in to the hate-filled feminist effort attacking men, their rights, and any equal status they may hold. This involves destroying the rapport between the sexes, criminalizing men, breaking down and replacing the family unit for a separatist, two-worker arrangement that supports big business and the government's socialistic/communistic goals. Alan Millard heads the group Men and Fathers for Justice, one of many organizations that are part of a national effort to fight for men's and fathers' rights.
Published Articles and Public Speaking Alan Millard has also written many papers, with many articles published, and has been a guest speaker on many radio talk shows and at conferences. He has also conducted news announcements on local events, created presentations, given educational seminars, and appeared on television for different news shorts. His speaking engagements have pertained to both men's political issues and natural resource education.
Millard continues to be a tutor, mentor, speaker, writer, and loving father. He believes his greatest asset is the ability to think for himself combined with the courage to express the truth to others.