Inventing: A Simple Guide for Beginners

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Glen K. Dash

I have taught High School Mathematics and Physics for the past twenty two years. I also taught part time SAT Mathematics for the last four years. In 2012 I became interested in inventing. Two of my designs are currently going through the process. In future I will explain their successes in another book. Because of my background in Physics, I was able to see the technical side of inventing. I currently have designs that can be built into a module that will dramatically increase the range of any Electric Vehicle.  From Physics, I know that the principles are sound. These are basic principles that the Industry has overlooked and their research is currently going in another direction. In future I will develop my concept and I plan to have a working prototype to show the Electric Vehicle Industry.  Also, I have designs that will be valuable to the Space Industry and the Military Industry. Sometime in future I would like to develop these for the benefit of the two Industries.