Forest of Ancestors

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K A Denver

Hi, I am K A Denver. I am a wife and mother of two fantastic children as well as two cute furbabies. I was born in Co. Antrim in Ireland.

I have always written stories and my love for fantasy (all its sub-genres) grew from reading amazing books by Authur C. Clarke. His amazing books stirred my imagination and from them and others like them I would create characters and worlds full of fantastical creatures.

My first novel, Forest of Ancestors - The Guardians Series, began life as a short story and one I had written for a blog takeover event. The story was well received and I was contacted by quite a few readers asking where they could purchase the full novel. This gave me the encouragement I needed to brave the massive step and move from writing short stories to full novels.
After my first novel, I wanted to try writing a YA fantasy, I had one planned and had written the outline a few years previous. This became my first novella, The Grimoire Prophecies. This story was based on a young girl and the choice between brothers, one who walks in the light of good, the other in the shadows of evil.
Happy in the knowledge that I had written an adult novel and a YA (young adult) novella, I wanted to stretch myself. I wanted to try a sub-genre I had not previously tried before...Fantasy Horror, and so my 'Gorey Little Short Story' Dog Soldiers was published shortly thereafter.

I am currently writing the second book 'Forest of Shadows' in The Guardians Series, as well as outlining the second book in my novella series, The Grimoire Prophecies.