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Vance Bennett

Vance was born in a place called Keating Oregon in the year 1950. Born on the cusp, when the last of the small subsistence farms were going away and a more urbanized way of living was coming to pass. He came out into the world in the sixties and the seventies. I guess you could say that he is a member of the Woodstock Generation, or a Baby Boomer. Mostly he was a member of what most folks call the Working Class of that particular generation.

​​​​​​​ A miner for most of his seventy years he likes to write from a working-class point of view. Now he’s a full-time writer an it’s been said that he writes with “Humanity”.

He’s been writing since he was twelve years old. He’s been writing from a place that a Working-Class individual would feel a twinge of remembrance when they read his first book. Kind of like smashing your finger with a big hammer. He has written only one novel so far. He is writing another one. Another of the three he intends to write before his time on this earth