Witches of Wyvern's Landing: Discovery

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About the author

Jenna Ocean Meadows

Jenna Ocean Meadows is a free-spirited geek who dreams of visiting Germany someday just to tour the Opel automaking headquarters during the world-famous Octoberfest. Until then, she enjoys her peaceful life in her local Greenlane village community hanging out with Nerdy Lee on the weekends.

She spends her free time enjoying walks around the lake with her hideous-looking dog, Scamp. It’s in a very friendly neighborhood where most of us have direct views of the serene water. Locals love to see her coming with her bubbly personality, bright-colored hair, nails and makeup and stripy, bold attire.

But life hasn’t always been this understanding for the once-orphan. When she was a child, her father became a murderer and was eventually sent off to prison. She has yet to tell the story of where her mother and other family members were at the time.

But eventually, an awesome foster family took her in and soon adopted her. They gave her love, provided for her, and most importantly, helped her develop her skill for telling stories. It was those stories of adventures and magical creatures helped her heal and continue her journey toward becoming a valuable person in society.

She will forever be the daughter of the emphasis John Matthew Clifford. But through her writing, she can create worlds of hopes and dreams through teen and young adult literature and short stories.

Jenna pretty much “takes care of” many friends and family members, much like the masters of the magic schools she writes about in her short stories. She’s been hurt a lot in life, which is why she spends a lot of time alone. Because of this, the author likens her personality to that of the planet of Uranus:

Uranus is an ice giant. Most of its mass is a hot, dense fluid of "icy" materials – water, methane and ammonia – above a small rocky core. ~ NASA