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Robertson Tait

I was born in the Scottish Highlands and got to travel the world as an international swimmer. Later on, in North America, I spent my days in a middle-management job and my free time heavily engaged in competitive horse riding. Now I live in the country with my wife and two demanding cats, working on my reluctant six-pack and writing light-hearted romantic comedies and a little suspense. My optimistic stories feature typically imperfect but sensitive heroes and gorgeous, confident heroines, lovingly described locations, and some dry Scottish humour. The “Kyle in Hollywood” series draws upon my experiences as a British Actors' Equity member.

Check out my website to sign up for my newsletter and for info on new releases and free content, short stories and some of my own songs that are often worked into the narrative. And finally, I know everybody is on about it, but let me join the chorus because it really is important. If you enjoyed any of my full-length books, please consider leaving a review. All the best!