Haighs Flat

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Colin Williams

Colin Williams has been a Christian since September 1994. Having been brought up in a Christian environment, he threw it all out of the window when he was fifteen years old, and it wasn't until he was nearly thirty that he stopped running from the Lord.

A father of six children now grown, and four grandchildren, Colin is now living on the mid north coast of New South Wales where he now spends his time writing or photographing local beaches and nature.  

The one thing in life that he is most grateful for is that God has never let him down. He is living proof that God will never leave us nor forsake us, and Colin has experienced God's hand upon his life even in life’s darkest moments. Just prior to giving his life to Jesus his first prayer was, "God, if I do this I want You to make Yourself real to me." This prayer God has honoured over and over again.

For many years Colin Williams has had the desire to write a novel, but it wasn’t easy getting his first thoughts down on paper though. Fortunately, a close friend encouraged him and in 2018 he began the first chapter of his professional literary life. Since then, Colin has been working on his second book, The Start of Something Big, which he hopes to have published by mid-2023.