Dive In to a Life of Freedom: Finding Healing in the Story of Naaman

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About the author

Lynne Modranski

Meet Lynne Modranski

Lynne began studying scripture in her youth but learned as many rules as she did memory verses. By her twenties she questioned just about everything she’d been taught. She wanted to know the truth. To that end she began digging into scripture, and there she found freedom.

Through her studies and her new relationship with Jesus, Lynne discovered her passion to teach, encourage and evangelize. When she combined that with her love to write, she found her heart on paper in songs, devotions, Bible studies and more.

            Currently Lynne leads worship and small groups at Sycamore Tree Church where her husband pastors. She golfs and swims with her grandchildren and crochets and colors all winter.

            She’d love to hear from you! Go ahead and send an e-mail!