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Amr Okasha

Amr Okasha is an accomplished author who, having earned his first degree in computer science and informatics at Cairo University in Egypt. He began his career in the IT sector, before starting his transition towards becoming a highly-respected specialist in personal development and leadership. On the journey, he completed his Master's Degree in Business Administration as well as a Master's Degree in Applied Research at the Swiss Business School (SBS), where he is currently completing his doctorate.

An engaging and compelling motivational speaker who provides insightful words of inspiration, Okasha draws from his expertise in personal growth and helping people to reach their maximum potential in every part of their lives and field of work. He is a frequent guest speaker at creative thinking and personal improvement seminars, as well as an active member of the Toastmasters organization in Kuwait. Okasha specializes in self-development and is a spiritual enthusiast - who has dedicated years to exploring the science behind behaviors within our society, considering elements such as Psychology, Management, and History.