Enigma's Virus

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About the author

Gary Paul Garrett

Gary Paul Garrett is a real estate agent, science fiction writer, reluctant biographer of a serial killer, and the author of the new novel, Enigma’s Virus.

As a real estate agent, Gary has spent the last seven years studying the diverse and fascinating personalities of home buyers to better paint his characters with a fine brush. His latest work, Enigma’s Virus, is the first in The Vicis Continuum series and offers a glimpse into the not-too-distant future (and past) at the terrifying ramifications of nanotechnology and time travel when wielded by greedy hands.

Gary lives and works out of his home in the Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and spends his free time with his wife of sixteen years, relishing the fleeting youth of their two children. And more often than he would like, Gary travels behind the walls of a maximum-security prison to listen to the ramblings of a mass murderer/serial killer, because sometimes the story lies in the darkest of places.