BluBerrie: The Candy-Store

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About the author

James O. Youngcliff

This is James O. Youngcliff's premier work for the young.  He loves telling BluBerrie stories to his grandchildren, and when they were younger, to his own children as well.  "It's fun to see the young faces in front of me, enjoying, listening to a real fun story."

Many years and stories have passed by and so, the author has decided now to put them down on paper.

"It's important to me that these books are read a loud to the young listeners... It wasn't till much later that I realized how important it was in their lives."

"So, I hope that I can provide some help for you with these pages and enjoy some precious moments with your children..."

When he's not writing down BluBerrie stories, he oil paints, draws and exhibits in art galleries throughout Florida.

He is currently working on another book in the series,  BluBerrie: The Pond is finished and will be sent to the editor soon. It will be publishing early next year.