Ripple: The Ultimate Guide to the World of Ripple XRP, Ripple Investing, Ripple Coin, Ripple Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency

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About the author

Ikuya Takashima

31-year-old Ikuya Takashima is a Software Developer, entrepreneur, investor and author. 

Ikuya first entered the world of Cryptocurrency in 2014 when he finally decided to invest in Bitcoin after several years of following the online currency. Ikuya is now a Cryptocurrency expert & enthusiast with an impressive Cryptocurrency portfolio and investments in several Bitcoin & Ethereum startups.

Ikuya's latest venture is to share his knowledge and passion on the world of Cryptocurrencies with the goal of making seemingly complex and intimidating topics simple and easy-to-read.

In Ikuya's spare time he likes to read, travel and spend time with family and friends.