Self-Publishing Success: How to Successfully, Write, Publish and Promote Your Book

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Christine John

"Writing Books that Inspire and Make a Positive Impact on People's Lives."

Whether you need information about designing a website, writing a book, or finding a job, Christine provides the books that satisfy your needs.

Christine has written books on a variety of topics that help and inspire authors, bloggers, internet marketers, entrepreneurs, and job seekers. Included in the mix are books written for the entertainment and enjoyment of people who love to read romance novels, short stories and poetry. She has also written information to motivate individuals to reach their true potential and to succeed in life.

Christine enjoys inspiring and motivating people to develop themselves both personally and professionally, and to be more creative.

When she is not busy working on her next book, Christine enjoys reading, travelling, and helping young entrepreneurs to make their dreams a reality. Presently, Christine lives in the United Kingdom where she continues to share her knowledge with the world.