From Moth to Social Butterfly

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About the author


About the Author

A whimsical character, despite the many troughs and bumps, Shahilla is still quite bouncy and robust internally and outwardly, not in the scary way.

A single parent of two daughters with buckets of ambition, resilience and drive. Living with two beautiful, charming and intelligent young ladies whom she cannot believe she created (with a little help of course).

A well-respected and highly regarded trainer, coach and NLP practitioner with over 23 years of experience in developing people in a variety of contexts. 

Shahilla is the last remaining co-founder of a charity  working with siblings of children with disabilities, which was set up with a group of professionals in 1998. Still managing the same project today (once you’ve got her there’s no going back); she regards the project as her ‘labour of love’.

It is her passion and belief that everyone can be and do anything they put their mind to. It is her mission to make a living by helping as many people reach their full potential.