Happy Curb (Don't Forget the Salt)

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About the author

Jaela Lynndon

Jaela Lynndon is a fair-skinned, blue-eyed, natural blonde Trike Vixen living in the Sonoran Desert – specifically Scottsdale, Arizona. She spent her formative years (she can’t be said to have “grown up”) in the Midwestern United States, but prefers the Arizona climate. “Sure it gets hot out here,” she tells Midwesterners, “but you don’t have to shovel hot.” In the twenty five plus years she’s been in AZ, she points out, she has never once had to get up in the morning and scrape the heat off her windshield so she can go to work. It’s just a much easier way to live.

Jae didn’t start writing “for real” until she was middle-aged, and when she found that her stories could make people laugh she decided to keep at it. The book you just read is her first major step toward accomplishing that mission.

You can find more of her essays and opinions – and links to more books, as they come out – on her blog at www.On5Wheels.com.