Fear of Misery

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F. Fidelio

From life’s lemons came the lemonade: making movies in my head. Futuristic, fantastical, fearful or funny, they are now being mined and crafted. I’m an old-fashioned storyteller at heart, delighting in my indie author creative freedom to bring great tales to the virtual fireside whatever their ‘genre’. Dive into: FollowFidelio.online if you want to share my writing odyssey (the water’s lovely). Find out more about my books or work in progress, and discover what’s down The Rabbit Hole. I believe the tale is more important than the teller, but here are a few random facts about me just for fun: I’m writing 4.5m/15ft below sea-level in the Netherlands, Europe (one for the geography buffs out there); I am British, which means American English-speakers will have to forgive me for not being able to spell; and my house guests of choice are rabbits.
Happy reading everyone!