How Do You Say It?

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John Skull

In my early years, I studied at three prestigious universities in the UK to gain academic qualifications, the last one being a Ph.D.I had a period in the British Army ( Intelligence Corps) , serving mainly in Europe.I ran a marathon once ( and once was enough!) and played soccer  - at  an  amateur level .I taught in two Primary schools and specialised in  English in three High Schools and  three universities in England and Australia .I represented Australia and the South Pacific on the World Council of the International Society of Education Through Art for some years and was awarded the Herbert Read medal for my services to the society .Publishers in the UK, Australia and the USA have published 14 of my books – all educational and mostly non-fiction, factual  material . I’ve also  published poetry, children’s stories, copious academic journal articles and recently quite a few -e-books. I’ve enjoyed it and it’s kept me out of mischief!