Sumptuously Soulful Coaching Pie - The Secret Ingredients To Creating An Evergreen And Lemony Fresh High-End Transformational Coaching Practice That I Wish I'd Known Before Enrolling My First Client.

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About the author

James Franklin

Quite simply, James provides his coaching clients with the tools, knowledge, and support they need so they can decide what changes they want to make in their own lives, in order to achieve and then maintain profound transformation.

James works with coaches and healers on a long-term basis in order to help them:

.Understand and then embrace the process of profound and permanent change.

.Help them identify whether they're moving toward or away from what they truly want in life.

.Understand the law of attraction and why it's something that must be passed onto their own coaching clients.

.Learn and then implement a proven, step by step system for generating a consistent and reliable client base.

.Understand the psychology of what creates profoundly positive and permanent change in themselves and their clients.

.Work with clients who want to achieve their dreams.

.Achieve meaningful goals that coincide with their true purpose in life.